No one wants to
read your bullshit
self promotion.

They want to know they can trust you. They want to know you’re real. So tell them the truth. If you’re not proud of it then you should be doing something else. Be precise. Cut out the noise. Tell people how you can help them or stop wasting their time. Be an expert. Build authority. Speak up. Be first. Be best. Take the time you need and remember you will never, ever be more important than someone’s opinion of you.

Empathy & Enthusiasm

Communication is now more complicated than ever. We no longer get to think about reaching our audiences using a couple of mediums.

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Lost in Translation

In 1974, the American Institute of Graphic Arts claimed that symbols could only ever augment language, not replace it. But in 2018, Facebook revealed that over 900 million emoji are sent every day without text. A true sign of the times.

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The New Persuaders

Early in 2009, Marcelo Tas was hired by a multinational telecommunications company to tweet now and then about its services. No big deal, you’re likely thinking. Yet when the popular Brazilian television host first used his Twitter feed to recommend Telefonica’s new fibre-optic internet and TV service, all hell broke loose.

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