The New Persuaders

Early in 2009, Marcelo Tas was hired by a multinational telecommunications company to tweet now and then about its services. No big deal, you’re likely thinking. Yet when the popular Brazilian television host first used his Twitter feed to recommend Telefonica’s new fibre-optic internet and TV service, all hell broke loose. Fans of his show accused him of selling out. Journalists puzzled over what he was up to. One media site went so far as to mock congratulate him for finding a legal way to scam a multinational corporation.

What’s in a game?

It’s an important question because gaming brands are some of the biggest out there—Nintendo, Ubisoft, Rockstar, Blizzard, and almost too many more to count. Don’t know these brands? Maybe just Nintendo? It’s time to pick up the controller.

Design fumbles: concept is everything

Design is about more than colours and fonts. It’s the visual representation of a brand’s promise, personality and purpose. It’s also about communicating a concept or a feeling—and getting a response from an audience. Design is complex. A lot can go wrong if you don’t first nail the concept.

Brand communications in an age of distrust

There is an old saying that trust arrives on foot and leaves on horseback. It has been updated lately, with a Ferrari replacing the horse. Either way, you get the picture: trust takes seemingly forever to earn (if you can earn it at all), yet it is unforgivably quick to speed (or gallop) down the road, usually at the first sign of not just deceit or disregard but mere inattention.

All together now: Communicating with one voice

Any brand, whether it’s of an individual or an organization, should know its own voice. The voice is how a brand showcases its personality and values. To be truly effective, a voice must be singular and consistent. Doing so gives a persuasive power to ideas and builds trust and credibility with an audience. Brands that stay true to one voice position themselves as more authentic than those with disparate voices. They’re more easily found, too. Adopting a standard lexicon helps a brand’s SEO, since search engines boost pages that consistently use the same terms.

Canada’s hopes and themes

In late May, Minister of Canadian Heritage Mélanie Joly announced three guiding themes for this year’s Canada Day celebrations: reconciliation, women’s empowerment, and diversity and inclusion. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen political bodies thematize events and campaigns. In February, Minister Joly announced that Black Canadian Women would be the theme for Black History Month. In March, Status of Women Canada structured International Women’s Day celebrations around the theme of #MyFeminism.

Ill-defined roles between organizational boards and executives creates confusion at best, conflict at worst.

More than half of all organizations have boards of directors. Chosen well, each includes people who are supportively challenging, and who help management define strategies for organizational development.