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Writing Matters

Of course we’d say that. But hear us out. Writing matters. And it matters now more than it ever has in the history of humankind. That’s not conjecture or hyperbole. It’s the truth.

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Say what? How to purge jargon for good

We’ve been overloaded with empty messaging for years, and the backlash has begun. Speak plainly to show you value your audience—and their time.

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Remote working: a people-first approach

Almost a year ago, the work-from-home economy of the future became the present. For many employers and employees, this unanticipated situation remains the norm.

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Seismic Events

Digital events are a solution for our times.

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Building brand loyalty with eco-design

When it feels like the world is barrelling toward disaster, some brands use design to show compassion and responsibility. Done right, an eco-aesthetic earns lasting trust.

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Beauty and the Brief

Constraint is generally considered a negative word. Not for us. We believe constraint is what makes you thrive.

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The Genre Crossover

“Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.” –– Walter Lippmann, writer and journalist

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English’s je ne sais quoi

How a cobbled-together mishmash became the world’s mother tongue.

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Mastering Storytelling

If there’s a prize for eye-rolling moniker du jour in the communications world, brand storyteller should win hands down.

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Talking Human

Keeping up with search algorithms is impossible, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. Any company with a website plays the algorithm game, whether they know it or not. And some play it better than others. Others have a lot at stake, hiring organizations whose sole purpose is to help improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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The Podcast Renaissance

The fledgling medium slowly gained audiences in the mid- and late-aughts, then skyrocketed in 2014 with the release of Serial. Anyone who was anyone had a podcast. Advertisers, like audiences, took notice.

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A red rose with a blue ribbon surrounding its stem.
Brands That Love

Love is one of the most powerful emotions in business because of its ability to compel action. Smart companies use this to their advantage. Whether they show love by giving back, fulfilling customer needs or saying sorry when something goes wrong, the best brands know that showing love is good for business.

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Speak? No, Evil!

How strong leaders use active listening. Empathy—not strength, not confidence—is emerging as the most important leadership tool.

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The Nostalgia Paradox

Human beings can’t help but pine for the past. We yearn for parts of yesterday that shape our today––whether it’s shoes all the cool kids wore at school, or the sitcom we watched every night or the green light at the end of a dock.

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The Name Game

Brands spend millions of dollars and countless hours every year to name their products, services and, indeed, themselves.

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Attention Spam

Our attention spans are shrinking and the competition for them is fierce. Streaming giants, 24/7 news feeds and eight-second sound bites all vie for the time traditional cinema once had.

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Value Over Vanity

Social media is moving from an era of curated content to one of genuine connection. It’s time to focus on the honest and authentic.

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Empathy & Enthusiasm

Communication is now more complicated than ever. We no longer get to think about reaching our audiences using a couple of mediums.

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Lost in Translation

In 1974, the American Institute of Graphic Arts claimed that symbols could only ever augment language, not replace it. But in 2018, Facebook revealed that over 900 million emoji are sent every day without text. A true sign of the times.

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Hopes & Themes

In late May, Minister of Canadian Heritage Mélanie Joly announced three guiding themes for this year’s Canada Day celebrations: reconciliation, women’s empowerment, and diversity and inclusion. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen political bodies thematize events and campaigns.

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Age of Distrust

When we seek the counsel of others to guide our decisions, we look for the telltale qualities of intelligence, conviction, humility and empathy. When any one of these predominates, we experience that person as a kind of master, prophet, disciple or lover, respectively.

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The New Persuaders

Early in 2009, Marcelo Tas was hired by a multinational telecommunications company to tweet now and then about its services. No big deal, you’re likely thinking. Yet when the popular Brazilian television host first used his Twitter feed to recommend Telefonica’s new fibre-optic internet and TV service, all hell broke loose.

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All Together Now

Any brand, whether it’s of an individual or an organization, should know its own voice. The voice is how a brand showcases its personality and values.

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Google Washing

Here’s the thing about knockoffs: even though they’re fashionable, they tend to lack quality. From a replica Chanel flap bag to an imitated Google office, copycats just don’t do the trick.

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What’s in a game?

It’s an important question because gaming brands are some of the biggest—Nintendo, Ubisoft, Rockstar, Blizzard, and almost too many more to count. Don’t know these brands? Maybe just Nintendo? It’s time to pick up the controller.

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More than half of all organizations have boards of directors. Chosen well, each includes people who challenge constructively, and who help management define strategies for organizational development.

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The Art of Impermanence

Change is in our blood. Being part of change, responding to it, surviving it.

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