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For life.

Backdraft is a professional development course that will help you write near-flawless content. Built by Canadian writers for anyone.

See how Backdraft works

At work or play, we all write, type or text every day. Yet we are not taught how to write. Now’s your chance to learn. Backdraft will make you a better writer. At your own pace. In less than a week.

Spot. Name. Fix.

Learn the 36 mistakes that account for 95% of bad writing—and fix them for good.

Increase speed

Whether you’re producing reports, emails, job applications or social media—write quickly and effectively to influence and persuade any reader.

Show intelligence

Write with clarity and impact to ensure your intelligence is visible instantly to others. Fix poor writing to uncover its value.

Build confidence

Write without auto-correct. Learn how to spot, name and fix all mistakes—and become a stronger writer for life.


Plain language and good character are essential to communicate respect in a world struggling to be more equitable, diverse and inclusive. Read how below.