Canadian Medical Association

Co-creating a better
future of health

CMA’s Impact 2040 strategy marked a major shift for the organization—from a focus on member service to leading major advocacy work nationwide. To build momentum, we created a narrative that captured healthcare in crisis and positioned CMA as an agent to lead change toward a sustainable, accessible healthcare system.

A shift from passive to active

CMA’s Impact 2040 strategy calls on Canadians to co-create a better future of health. The organization was concerned about ensuring a clear understanding of this strategy and building momentum for it among members, employees, partners, patients and the public. We developed a playbook for the organization to engage with its audiences, help them understand their role within the new strategy, solicit their feedback to help build ownership, and build enthusiasm for major changes — in effect to visualize the future of health in Canada.

In addition to a new narrative, messages and value-proposition manifesto, we produced videos (for staff, members and the public) to compel them to join the efforts to save the healthcare system. We also created an intranet-based testimonial feature that enables staff to craft and post their own strategies for promoting the new value proposition. We challenged the staff to describe their vision of the future of health—and describe what they would do in their jobs to make it a reality.