Punching above
your billing class

LogiSense is the leading usage-based billing platform in the market. Until recently, the Canadian-based billing software company was viewed as a scrappy underdog in an oversaturated market. We changed that—for the better.

Rebranding and repositioning an underdog

For too long, LogiSense was associated with the mid-market. We helped the brand punch above its weight class by creating a visual language that amplified LogiSense’s unique enterprise-ready capabilities. We crafted a new messaging platform that squarely focuses on the brand’s Outlaw archetype. Project deliverables included a new brand system, website, strategic framework, messaging and thought-leadership platform, as well as a digital and social media strategy and execution plan.

LogiSense is now in the same sandbox as legacy billing players like Zuora, BillingPlatform, NetSuite and SAP BRIM. The company’s redefined positioning and brand presence is helping the Canadian business scale and expand rapidly across the markets it serves.

“We now have a brand and story that reflects our leading position in the Usage Economy and our unmatched capability to partner with top enterprises to successfully and efficiently reinvent their billing processes. Thank you, Stiff!”

– Adam Howatson, CEO, LogiSense