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Backdraft is a professional development course that will help you write near-flawless content. Built by Canadian writers for anyone.

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At work or play, we all write, type or text every day. Yet we are not taught how to write. Now’s your chance to learn. Backdraft will make you a better writer. At your own pace. In less than a week.

Spot. Name. Fix.

Learn the 36 mistakes that account for 95% of bad writing—and fix them for good.

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Increase speed

Whether you’re producing reports, emails, job applications or social media—write quickly and effectively to influence and persuade any reader.

Show intelligence

Write with clarity and impact to ensure your intelligence is visible instantly to others. Fix poor writing to uncover its value.

Build confidence

Write without auto-correct. Learn how to spot, name and fix all mistakes—and become a stronger writer for life.

As a veteran writer, I came to this training with trepidation. My skepticism was immediately dispelled. Whatever your flaws, big or small (and we all have them), Backdraft will clean your game. Highly recommended!

Dan Lalande, Author and Screenwriter

Backdraft was a real gift! The interactive format is fun to use, and each unit is broken down into bite-sized pieces. I would recommend this course to anyone, regardless of your writing level. There is something for everyone to learn.

Fraser Reilly-King, Analyst, International Development Research Centre

Backdraft changed the way I think as I write. Blunders and fumbles that used to be corrected by multiple rereads and rewrites are now caught on the fly. My writing is faster and more confident—that is priceless.

Patrick Granleese, Screenwriter

Writing best practices

Plain language and good character are essential to communicate respect in a world struggling to be more equitable, diverse and inclusive. Read how below.

Plain is


Machinery of


Case for


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And good writing means better business. Unclear writing—whether in emails, reports or simple texts—wastes your time and that of your readers. Crisp, efficient writing that gets right to the point? It shows respect for your audience. It builds trust. It wins people over.

Writing can seem complex. We capture all the rules and conventions in the six elements that make up the Machinery of Language.


Writers wishing to engage the full experience of their readers must develop active vocabularies at least five times that of the average.


Grammar comprises the traditions of expression, and while there is no universally recognized authority over English grammar, there is no shortage of people willing to take up the position.


A smooth-flowing read is the surest route to swift comprehension; nothing must stand in its way.


It’s a true pleasure to be drawn down a page teeming with fresh ideas. For writers, achieving that effect depends heavily on syntax––the art of word order.


Failure to be logical triggers skepticism and disbelief. For the writer, diligent research is always the route to clear thinking.


While empty speeches and flowery prose are rightly condemned as pompous and pretentious, all persuasive writing relies on rhetoric for effect.

Discover your writing personality

Look at your writing with new awareness. See the flaws that undermine the strength of your writing. Ready to start improving? Find out who you are as a writer. Take the self-assessment quiz now.

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