Oliver by Else Labs

Creating an appetite for automated kitchen technology

Stiff partnered with Else Labs to successfully launch its flagship product, Oliver, on Indiegogo in September 2020. The campaign raised a remarkable 167 percent of Else Labs’ goal and established Oliver as a revolution in the kitchen.

Right fit at the right time

Local Ottawa start-up Else Labs approached Stiff in June 2020 with a simple ask of designing a new website for Oliver, their automated cooking robot. The relationship grew swiftly and Stiff was tapped to execute the entirety of Else Labs’ impending September launch—producing the ever-important Indiegogo campaign video and executing multi-channeled campaign promotions.


Stiff started by adding some spice to the Oliver brand. The wordmark needed refinement and the brand’s website was limited in direction and content. Stiff’s team finessed the Oliver logo, giving the robot chef a newer, more approachable attitude while still maintaining its simple sophistication. We followed this refinement with a rework of the product website to improve user navigation, content hierarchy and structure—and even implement an interactive recipe card feature.

Insights-driven narrative development

Else Labs needed to launch Oliver on Indiegogo on Tuesday, September 29, 2020, executing on its set plan despite the COVID-19 challenges. Stiff accepted the challenge and acted quickly, working closely with the Else Labs team to develop a campaign narrative that could do justice by the six-plus-years of research and development that went into producing the novel Oliver.

At the onset, we derived insights by completing a competitive scan, environmental analysis, and background research on the motivators for kitchen electronics purchases. We put a particular focus on understanding the drivers behind automated kitchen tech and the democratization of futuristic smart home appliances. Equipped with this knowledge, we had strong insights upon which to develop Oliver’s story and bring it to life via video.

We filmed interviews with Else Labs’ team to draw out the product’s narrative, making sure that all areas—from software to hardware to culinary—were portrayed with authentic voices. We turned a suburban family kitchen into a studio and captured both Oliver and its myriad of creations in epic form. And we assembled a multi-faceted story that provided viewers with a complete understanding of the product and its many virtues.

to the crowd

The introductory video and beautiful product shots are only one component of the Indiegogo campaign. Stiff crafted a compelling script to lead potential backers from consideration to purchase. We garnished the Indiegogo presence with infographics, beta user testimonials, media coverage highlights and close-ups with the Else Labs team. We designed graphics for perks, audience outreach and newsletters. We created effective social media content—from GIFs to banners to channel art. We developed a press kit and media materials. We executed a lead generation campaign, successfully adding over 7,000 subscribers to Else Labs’ database pre-launch. And we promoted Oliver’s crowdfunding through strategic advertising across Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

"I have to single out Stiff's work on our Indiegogo campaign video. I lost count of how many people asked me,'Who did this video for you guys?!' The team at Stiff truly pour their hearts and souls into all the work they do!"

Khalid Aboujassoum,
founder, Else Labs

Former General Manager,
Ottawa Symphony Orchestra

A fully-funded

From September 29 through October 31, 2020, Oliver’s Indiegogo campaign generated over $123,000 CAD by crowdfunding backers. Else Labs successfully crowdfunded 167% of its original goal of $60,000 USD (approx. $76,000 CAD)—proving there’s a market hungry for the robot chef.

Key stats

•  167% of crowd funding goal reached

•  Campaign reach of more than 3 million with impressions exceeding 4 million

•  More than 1,000 user comments generated

•  320,000 social engagements including more than 100,000 videos views at 75% watched and more than 74,000 users watching video content to 100%

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