Public Health Agency of Canada

workplace wellness

COVID-19 exacerbated a failing Canadian healthcare system, greatly impacting the mental health of all healthcare workers. Existing individual workplace solutions put extra strain on an already fragile population. Change was imperative.

Giving healthcare workers a say in their own well-being

Yoga, meditation and journaling could help those struggling with stress. But when you return to the same workplace conditions, burnout and moral injury cannot be fixed with deep breathing. Engagement is the opposite of burnout. A new organization-wide approach to mental health is critical to the healthcare industry, where people taking care of the sick and vulnerable are themselves suffering—where being seen, heard, valued and understood are standard practice. Revel is a workplace engagement method that brings together healthcare leadership and frontline workers to tackle workplace fixes and wellness solutions.

The Revel method is supported by a visual brand that focuses on the “window of opportunity” for open discussion. The opportunity is to forge solutions and achieve real improvement through engagement and informed action.

This ongoing work is funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada in partnership with Lawson Health Research Institute and the MacDonald Franklin Operational Stress Injury Research Centre.