SAP Customer Experience LIVE

Conferences in the Time of COVID

SAP and Stiff built and turned SAP’s Customer Experience LIVE into a global, multimedia virtual event for thousands of invitees in under eight weeks.

A global event from your living room

Stiff was SAP’s partner in putting together its 2019 multi-day in-person event in Orlando, Florida. But in 2020 the world was in COVID lockdown, so SAP turned to Stiff for a virtual solution. SAP had an audience of almost 20,000 to invite, 120 speakers to promote, and a virtual meeting space to build from the ground up. We had eight weeks. But we knew the client, the event, and had experience successfully tackling the virtual event challenge.

Along with the virtual meeting space, Stiff built and maintained the event website, provided all assets, and performed constant updates as materials grew and changed. Attendees welcomed the seamless experience and warm and friendly design that encouraged exploration and engagement.