Veterans Affairs Canada

Defining a
veteran-centric voice

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) had a disconnected brand and a fundamental inability to connect with over 80% of the veteran community, leading to failure in reputation. The department required a major shift in perception.

Creating a voice that resonates with veterans

Through extensive research, including consultations with veterans and their families, we determined that VAC’s voice was starkly at odds with its target audience. Where clarity was needed, VAC was opaque; instead of speaking to veterans, VAC spoke about veterans. We created a new brand voice in which veterans and their families come first, and the services and values of VAC are always clear. We labelled this new positioning as “veteran-centric.”

“I want to say thank you… I am certain based on his emotions that you, through the video, probably helped save a man’s life this afternoon… of this I have no doubt.”

Chief Warrant Officer (Retired) Bill “Mother” Irving
(on the effect the Veteran Stories project had on his friend)

We integrated this new brand voice with refreshed visuals to enhance communications through new and existing channels. We created new outreach pieces and media channels, including the main VAC website, the Salute! news microsite and newsletter, print and online advertising, web articles, animated and live-action videos, campaigns, social media, local VAC office materials, staff training, departmental processes and more.

The apex of our work with VAC is the veteran stories series. Videos and written profiles tell the stories of veterans in their own words, through the theme of community. This series helped VAC achieve a monumental shift in perception of veteran concerns and treatment across Canada.