Branding the Vertité Difference

Vertité is an up-and-coming company specializing in hydroponically-grown produce. We created a modern yet playful brand that reflects the company’s values and can scale as the business grows.

Local not traditional. Urban not foreign.

Strawberries are in demand all year long, yet it’s impossible for traditional farms to grow and harvest fresh produce in winter. That’s why the grocery stores teem with berries from countries with warmer climates. These berries are picked premature, left to ripen in plastic containers on planes or trucks as they make their way North. Consumers are interested in buying local, but no one wants tasteless, unripe berries.

Vertité’s hydroponic system allows produce to grow in the heart of cities—closer to their customers than a farmer’s market—while harvesting fresh, ripe produce to pick daily all year round. We gave Vertité the moniker urban farm, conjuring the image of freshness meeting brick and mortar, helping it stand distinct in a saturated market.

“At first, I was hesitant to use an agency. I was worried that I wouldn’t like any designs and it would be a waste of money. I ended up with the opposite problem working with Stiff! Everything they created was so beautiful. It was hard to choose the final design, but I’m so happy with the end result!”

– Ophelia Sarakinis, Founder and CEO of Vertité