WAGE Canada

Giving voice to women
and LGBTQ2+

Equity, diversity and inclusion is more than giving people seats at the table. It is giving them the opportunity to speak. We collaborated with WAGE to help people across Canada tell their stories of equality in action.

A different path

When organizations want to share their work and boast about its influence, most end up writing about themselves and themselves alone. Here’s the problem: Few people want to read this kind of self-promotion. It’s dull, predictable and blatantly self-serving. Women and Gender Equality Canada (WAGE) followed a different path. The mandate of the government department is to advance equality—with respect to sex, sexual orientation and gender identity—in the country’s economic, social and political life. It does so in part by funding women’s and equality-seeking organizations that remove systemic barriers that perpetuate gender inequality. WAGE revealed its achievements by letting the people in these groups speak for themselves. Stiff worked with the department’s communications team to publish a series of stories that recount the extraordinary efforts and meaningful successes of these organizations to make Canada a better place for anyone who identifies as a woman or LGBTQ2.

We created stories that focus on the theme of empowerment—in particular, the organizations who were being empowered by WAGE-financed efforts and the communities who benefit from resulting initiatives.

For maximum reach, we mined the stories for information to package in other media to amplify the voices further. This work included key messages, newsletter copy, social media text and graphics, and a speech for the Minister for Women, Gender Equality and Youth. Through it all, we were thrilled to collaborate closely with WAGE and the many dedicated people and groups who are advancing equality throughout Canada.