We question tradition, identify opportunity and amplify brilliance.

  • Public Health Agency of Canada


    Revolutionizing workplace wellness

    COVID-19 exacerbated a failing Canadian healthcare system, greatly impacting the mental health of all healthcare workers. Existing individual workplace solutions put extra strain on an already fragile population. Change was imperative.

  • Atlas Institute for Veterans & Families

    veterans feel
    seen and heard

    Making veterans feel seen and heard

    Atlas bridges the divide between research and practice to help veterans and their families get the best possible mental healthcare. The visual ethos of the brand ties to the mythic hero who carries the weight of the world, and to the reference volumes that help us find our way in the world.

  • Innovative Medicines Canada

    for an accessible
    healthcare system

    Advocating for an accessible healthcare system

    IMC helps ensure Canadians get the most from leading medicines and treatments. Through storytelling and social content, Stiff boosted awareness of IMC’s role in advocating for an accessible healthcare.

  • Canadian Medical Association

    a better future
    of health

    Co-creating a better future of health

    CMA’s Impact 2040 strategy marked a major shift for the organization—from a focus on member service to leading major advocacy work nationwide. To build momentum, we created a narrative that captured healthcare in crisis and positioned CMA as an agent to lead change toward a sustainable, accessible healthcare system.

  • LogiSense

    above your
    billing class

    Punching above your billing class

    LogiSense is the leading usage-based billing platform in the market. Until recently, the Canadian-based billing software company was viewed as a scrappy underdog in an oversaturated market. We changed that—for the better.

  • OpenText

    Capturing an interactive guide to the OpenVerse

    Capturing an interactive guide to the OpenVerse

    OpenText is one of the most dynamic yet unsung tech companies in Silicon Valley. We captured CEO Mark Barranchea’s vision of this evolving business and his technology philosophy—the OpenVerse—in a highly visual and interactive book inspired by images from the universe.

  • Canadian International Arctic Centre

    Repositioning Canada’s
    vibrant north

    Repositioning Canada’s vibrant north

    Global Affairs Canada’s International Arctic Centre (CIAC) is one of the agencies responsible for implementing our country’s International Arctic Policy. We saw an opportunity for CIAC to amplify its mandate by telling the stories taking place in the Arctic.

  • AbleTo

    Closing the employment gap

    Closing the employment gap

    This campaign targets employers and busts their myths about workforce talent with visible and non-visible disabilities. The aim: stem the workforce shortage in Ottawa and help students and graduates living with disabilities find meaningful employment.

  • EU in Canada

    Canadians and
    the EU closer

    Bringing Canadians and the EU closer

    The European Union in Canada aims to increase public knowledge and understanding of EU—Canada relations. We designed a social media strategy and brand to bolster these efforts.

  • SEED Winnipeg Recognition Counts


    Recognizing skilled immigrants

    The SEED Recognition Counts (RC) program provides flexible, character-based loans to skilled immigrants to help with qualification recognition. To raise awareness and increase visibility of the loan program, the RC team required a tactical marketing plan that prioritized communication activities with the team’s limited internal capacity.

  • Ottawa Symphony Orchestra

    Ottawa’s oldest

    Revitalizing Ottawa’s oldest orchestra

    Aging audiences. Decreasing attendance numbers. A bold move to a novel performance space. We combined these three factors to usher in a new era for the community orchestra.

  • Veterans Affairs Canada

    Defining a

    Defining a veteran-centric voice

    Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) had a disconnected brand and a fundamental inability to connect with over 80% of the veteran community, leading to failure in reputation. The department required a major shift in perception.

  • WAGE Canada

    Giving voice to women and LGBTQ2+

    Giving voice to women and LGBTQ2+

    Equity, diversity and inclusion is more than giving people seats at the table. It is giving them the opportunity to speak. We collaborated with WAGE to help people across Canada tell their stories of equality in action.

  • Trellis

    Rebranding in the COVID era of online retail

    Rebranding in the COVID Era of Online Retail

    Growth Vectors had the right product and team of experts to help new e-commerce sellers simplify selling and grow. But the start-up lacked the right narrative and visual identity to connect with audiences and stand out in a saturated market.

  • Joan of Arc Academy

    a hidden

    Marketing a hidden gem

    We helped unearth the full potential of Ottawa’s only bilingual all-girls school to increase enrollment.